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11,857 mile trip with Safe-T-Plus installed

A few comments from Henderson’s Line Up customers after finishing a long road trip.  Enjoy!


Driving the motorhome on a long trip before you installed the Safe-T-Plus was a challenge with a constant drift to the right and following of ruts.  A long trip in the past was considered only a thousand miles.

After your team installed the Safe-T-Plus on the “bus” the driving became fun.   No driver fatigue, no drift to the right and ruts were not a problem.  Now the frost heaves were a different challenge.

We encountered strong crosswinds in MT and SD during our return trip.  Next time I pass through Grants Pass I’ll want to add on the electric trim control.

Thanks again.  Your team is great.

This is the letter I sent to my friends and family upon our arrival home.

We are home, safe from the 3+ month journey.  I’ll send out some pictures later.  This is just a short note.

Nice to be home.  Safe-T-Plus great.

Steve and Jean