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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Bell Cranks and Bell Crank/Idler Arms

There are several different components that contribute to good steering in your coach. There’s the steering wheel, coupler, two-three universal couplings, steering gear, sector shaft splines, the pitman arm, drag link, bell crank, tie rod ends and the tie rod end sleeves. But one part that is often overlooked is the bell crank arm itself, also known as an idler arm. The bell crank/idler arm attaches to the bottom of the bell crank and to the steering center link on Chevrolet/Workhorse P32 motorhome chassis. All of the pressure from the steering gear box is transmitt ... read more

How To Identify Your Chassis

Our products are designed for specific chassis, and we realize that not all of our customers know what type of chassis they have–so here are some simple tips to follow. The first and easiest way is to look at the steering wheel on your motorhome–it will usually have the Ford logo, or say “Workhorse” “Spartan” or some other brand. If there is no label, your motorhome registration will have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that will tell us what chassis your coach rides on. We have information on Workhorse, Ford and Chevy chassis to draw from, and we’ve also found that is a great resource to determine what chassis you have. Simply enter the VIN number, and it will come back with basic information on your coach. The only time we run into problems is with Country Coach motorhomes, because the VIN number doesn’t tell you the type of chassis. With these coaches, we’ll usually advise the customer to take the coach to a shop that can find the suspension tag on the front ... read more

More new installation videos posted: coil springs; idler support & brace kit; tie rod

We have 3 new installation videos for you! 1. Installation video for the SS175K8 Idler Support and Brace Kit. Stronger cast aluminum housing and heavy-duty tapered roller bearings reduce play and eliminate steering slop. The result is precise steering, reduced effort and log component/tire life. 2. Installation video for the SuperSteer HD Tie Rod (Part#SS28559). “Make bent tie-rods a thing of the past!” SuperSteer’s new heavy-duty tie rod is a full one-inch forging, compared to the factory’s 1/2″. It also incorporates a 30mm ball compared to the stock 25 mm, and offers 37 degrees of stud swing compared to only 28 for the factory part ... read more

SuperSteer Idler Arm Support featured in 8 Lug HD Truck Mag!

SuperSteer’s Idler Arm Support was featured in the February edition of 8 Lug HD Truck magazine. To see the article simply click here! Improve steering response & reduce component wear on your ’93-Current GM truck, van or SUV with the SuperSteer Idler Arm Support!

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