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Ultra Power

Once we’ve made your vehicle safe to drive and easy to handle, the next consideration is typically engine performance, especially when climbing hills or passing trucks. How would you like to add 50 - 60 Horsepower or more to your rear wheels while INCREASING your MILEAGE by 1 – 3 MPG? What few people realize is that air is a gas that acts as fuel when injected properly and efficiently into your engine. By increasing airflow alone, you can significantly boost the Horsepower to your rear wheels. Here are a few of the things you can do to boost power and save money!

One of the ways we get massive increase in performance and mileage is through our UltraPower Performance Tuning from Brazel’s RV. On your 5.4L through 6.8L V10 Ford engines (including PowerStroke) this innovative engine tuning can increase mileage by 0.5 to 1.5 MPG, while adding up to 45 Horsepower and 50 ft. lbs. torque increase by itself! That’s huge!

On 4.3L through 8.1L GM engines (including 6.6L Duramax) you can look for 1 – 3 MPG, and an increase of 60 HP and 70 ft. lbs. torque increase! Not only can you save money because you of increased fuel mileage, but will never have to use premium gas again. Why wait? Book an appointment now to begin increasing your power and decreasing your running costs.

Banks Power Pack

On Motorhomes and even pickups, the air delivery to the engine can be improved greatly. Remember, air is fuel too. The UltraPower Cold Air Intake system is designed in a manner so that you can get up to 50% more air into the engine resulting in a 23 Horsepower increase at the rear wheels! The new air intake system relocates away from the passenger side wheel well, eliminating the common water ingestion problem on some coaches.

HLU Muffler

Most mufflers are very restrictive, thus the engine is not getting rid of the used up air fast enough. This causes a delay in the time it takes to get rid of the used air in order to bring in more fresh air. If you are going to take in more air, we need to get rid of it quicker. UltraPower Mufflers are designed to do just that. With one of our free flowing UltraPower Mufflers you will move air much quicker without a significant increase in noise! UltraPower Mufflers are designed to be free flowing, resulting in an engine that breathes much better. Made from Stainless Steel aluminized construction they come with a lifetime warranty.

Ignition Wires

HLU Ignition Wires

UltraPower High Performance Ignition Cables unleash more Torque, Horsepower and fuel economy that gets lost in excessive resistance. The spark plug wires that Henderson’s Line-Up utilizes are a Heavy-Duty design to help cure the Workhorse 8.1L spark plug cables from burning. From now on, there needn’t be any more burnt spark plug wires! AND… Less resistance means more power! They come with a Life-Time Warranty. (10.4mm thick and includes heat sock for superior heat protection!


Want EVEN MORE Power?

HLU Performance Kit How about a torque increase of up to 395 foot lbs.?!?! Our Ultra Power Performance Kit has three different power settings to help increase fuel efficiency and reduce gear downshifting when traveling up hills. Performance Kit Fits: Caterpillar – 3126 (1998 – 2007), C& & C9 (2000 – 2007) Cummins – 8.3L ISC/ISL (1998 – 2007), 8.9L ISL


Better Air Flow

HLU Better Air Flow

With the AFE Lifetime cleanable air filter you get:

  • Reduced air restriction and increased engine output.
  • Large filtration area for more airflow.
  • Lifetime filter so you’ll never have to buy another filter again.


“Absolutely fantastic, I went from 6.7 mpg to 8.2 mpg initially, now it’s 9.9 mpg. Up a steep grade at 3300 rpm it has no problem Maintaining Speed!” (Keith R. Portland, OR)

“The overall performance increase was quite impressive. In the past, 50mph was the best speed I could hold on the steepest part of the pass & it wouldn’t accelerate until the very top. Now, the lowest hill speed is 58mph with an immediate climb back to 65mph.”

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