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Last year, we traded in our fifth wheel for a 35 foot Tiffin Allegro RED, and I promised my husband I would share driving duties. My first driving experiences were a disaster! I did not like driving the coach. My husband patiently waited for me to volunteer to drive on trips and I did not. He changed tactics and we'd stop at a rest stop or for fuel and he'd announce that it was my turn to drive. I reluctantly took the wheel hesitantly and fearfully out of the parking area and onto the freeway. I was uneasy and a bit scared, I didn't trust the coach on curves, so I would hit the brakes before every curve and go very slowly when I felt on the verge of losing control (not good on freeways). Even driving straight was crazy hard as the coach wandered to the right and left and staying in the lane required continual small adjustments. I spent too much time checking the side mirror to make sure the tires were close to the lane marker. I hit the rumble strips, a lot! Hit the dots to the lane on my left too. It was frustrating not to be able to point the coach and drive straight, every second or so I felt the coach wandering and when it was windy I'd exit the first available off ramp and tell my husband I was done. It felt too overwhelmed driving the coach. I was disappointed I couldn't break through and become comfortable when driving. Compensating for the coach's loose steering, its tendency to lean on curves and rough ride didn't provide much time to look forward and anticipate the grade changes and the traffic in front of me. Instead of proactive driving I drove in reaction to the coach's wandering ways. My husband found references to Henderson's on several internet RV forums and told me about it and I said let's make an appointment and drive to Grants Pass from San Diego and get it fixed. What a difference Henderson's made in the steering and handling of our coach! We are on our way home from Henderson's and I've driven the coach both days and I'm thrilled. It now tracks well, goes where I point it! It takes the curves without leaning and my comfort level has improved to the point that I feel confident on the road. Our 35 foot coach rides smoother and to test it I put a hairbrush on the bathroom counter yesterday during our 8 hour drive. It didn't move! Success! Henderson's modifications have made driving much more comfortable and I am a more confident driver. Never thought this would happen! As my husband told the Henderson's staff, we were there to smooth out the handling for me and it worked! I drove 60 MPH yesterday on I-5 on a curvy area with lots of grade changes and I felt comfortable. What a difference! P.S. My husband loves the new way the coach drives too! ... [read more] ... [hide]
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Henderson's Line-Up: A Shop Like No Other

Grants Pass RV and Auto Repair | Henderson's Line-Up Brake & RV Inc.Henderson’s Line-Up is a family-owned auto service center that specializes in handling, suspension, steering and braking in RVs, trucks, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Steering column parts, truck suspension kits, motorhome shocks and car towing equipment are a sample of what we work with. We'll even address performance issues to help you get the most power and better mileage out of your vehicle. 

We never like to work on a coach without properly diagnosing the symptoms and the causes. That’s why we recommend our Road Performance Assessment (RPA®), a systematic, diagnostic 10-15 mile road test that reveals steering and suspension problems over a variety of road surfaces. You'll ride alongside our technician as your coach drives over highways, curved and narrow roads, sharp turns, even bumps and ruts–they're all included in the RPA to re-produce the very symptoms that you've come to us to solve.


At the test's conclusion, we'll perform a detailed inspection of more than 50 points on your coach. Should you elect to have work done on your coach, we'll test drive the vehicle one more time when the work is complete, then let you take the wheel to verify the effectiveness of our work.


Henderson's Line-Up is THE Source for Motorhome ,
Truck and Towing Products

Henderson's Line-Up offers a variety of suspension, handling and braking products for trucks, motorhomes and trailers. Not only do we offer our own SuperSteer line, which is designed to address specific steering and handling problems, but many other manufacturer's products that we have tested extensively and can recommend with absolute confidence. In this way, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive approach to solving their problems.​

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Henderson's Line-Up is an authorized dealer for Roadmaster tow bars, anti-sway bars and other products; Koni shock absorbers, SuperSprings, Pacbrake exhaust brakes and air suspension, Banks, Safe-T-Plus, MOR/ryde, 5th Airborne 5th wheel hitches, Trailair suspension and more.


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