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Precision Wheel Alignment

Incorrect wheel alignment not only shortens the life of your tires, but creates resistance that reduces fuel economy. At Henderson’s Line-Up, we can accurately perform wheel alignment on your car, truck, SUV, motor home or trailer. We can even perform rear wheel alignment, and align double and even triple axle trailers. Wheel alignment that is off by as little as 1/8-inch equates to 28 feet of side scrub per mile—that’s why our equipment is precisely calibrated so that we can measure our jobs in hundredths, not fractions, of an inch.


Grants Pass Wheel Alignment | Henderson's Line-Up Brake & RV Inc.

Even when a coach is brand new, it’s a good idea to have the wheel alignment checked. The factory runs each coach through the wheel alignment process pretty fast—and when the coach is loaded for travel, especially an independent front suspension (IFS) coach, the alignment changes as the load changes. The only exception are self-leveling, air ride suspension coaches, where correct ride height is constantly maintained. Straight axle coaches don’t change as much, but it’s still a good idea to check the alignment when the coach is loaded.

If you’ve ever been behind a motorhome or bus that looks like it’s going down the road sideways, you’ve witnessed what we call dog tracking, and it’s caused by front-to-rear wheel misalignment. How much affect this misalignment has on the coach depends on the wheelbase; for example, if the rear axle is off by 1/8-inch, the difference in angle will be magnified more over 200 inches than 150 inches. This problem can’t be solved by front wheel alignment alone, so we perform what is known as a “thrust angle alignment”, where we put gauges on all four wheels, and set the front wheels in relation to the rear axle. This ensures accurate alignment, and a coach that tracks straight and true. Read more about common RV problems.


Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheel Trailers

Believe it or not, trailers can also be affected by incorrect axle alignment. We’ve even seen triple axle trailers where each of the axles was misaligned, and settings such as toe and camber were out of spec as well. This creates a trailer that tows much heavier than it really is. When we align a trailer, we line up the axles to the hitch point, whether that’s the hitch ball (travel trailer) or king pin (fifth wheel). That way, the trailer tracks better, and there’s no scrub—so now you’re saving fuel and the trailer tires will last longer.

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FMCA Tire Connection

Henderson's Line-Up is a member of the FMCA Tire Connection--a Michelin Advantage Program. As an FMCA member, you will receive discount pricing on new Michelin tires. Inquire by calling (541) 479-2882 or by visiting Henderson's Line-Up at 417 Henderson Lane in Grants Pass, Oregon, 97527.

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