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Overview of SuperSteer Products for Class A, B & C Motorhomes

SuperSteer offers products that optimize handling and comfort for "safer and happier driving". We offer coil springs, heavy duty tie rods, motion control units, bell cranks, wheel spacers, trac bars, trim units and SS100 bell cranks.

Coil Springs

SuperSteer Coil Springs properly support your front end for a better ride quality. It does this by providing the correct ride height, thus reducing both sway and bottoming out.

Coil Springs - Another View

SuperSteer Coil Springs are made to fit the weight of your motorhome or RV. In this video, SuperSteer's Les Scherrer, a 20 year veteran of our company, talks about the Quality Control process that he is a part of at SuperSteer.

Bell Cranks

Helps eliminate looseness or steering play in vehicle steering systems. SuperSteer Bell Cranks utilize tapered roller bearing vs factory original equipment which uses sleeve bushings. This helps improve return-ability, tighten steering and it reduces steering play and wander. SuperSteer Bell Cranks are designed to fit on the Chev Workhorse Class A, P30 & P32

Trim Unit Description

In this video, John Henderson gives a very good overview of how a trim unit works and how it benefits the user.

Motion Control Units

Motion Control Units (MCU's) are excellent at reducing sway, porpoising and body roll on air suspension equipped coaches. They reduce rock and rolling sensation in RV's and improve air spring compression and rebound characteristics for a smoother, more predictable ride. Ideal for Class A motorhomes and even pickups if they have add on airbags with a compressor or a single fill line.

Wheel Spacers

The SuperSteer Super-Trac Wheel Spacer improves cornering and helps prevent rollovers. We have them for Ford, Dodge and Chevy trucks and vans as well as class B motorhomes.

Trac Bars

SuperSteer Trac Bars reduce side play, which means increased control. A rear trac bar reduces rear axle side-to-side play, which translates into predictable handling and precise steering. They are easy to install and require no drilling or welding. Great for class A and class C motorhomes, as well as vans, pickups and many types of automobiles.

Products by SuperSteer

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