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At Henderson's Line-Up, our ASE Certified Technicians will road test, then thoroughly inspect your vehicle's entire braking system to make sure it is operating efficiently and safely.

A vehicle’s hydraulic brake system should be flushed every two-three years, regardless of mileage—and if you live in a damper climate, it should be changed even more often. Why? Because brake fluid is hydroscopic, in other words, it attracts water. When too much water gets in the system, it lowers the boiling point of the fluid and can cause brake fade. Plus, the water causes corrosion, which can cause components like the brake calipers to stick.

We prefer to flush our customer’s brake systems with DOT 4 brake fluid, which has a higher boiling point than the DOT 3 recommended in many heavy-duty applications. For customers that want a brake fluid with an extremely high boiling point, we recommend DOT 5.1 non-silicone brake fluid. We don’t recommend silicone brake fluid because it is not hydroscopic.

While a brake fluid that does not attract water would seem a good thing, it isn't. Instead of the water mixing evenly with the brake fluid, it collects in one area of the brake system and won’t dissipate properly. It also can’t be mixed with ethylene glycol or polyethylene glycol-based brake fluids, so the entire system has to be very carefully flushed first.

Brake Maintenance and Service | Henderson's Line-Up Brake & RV Inc.

We go to great lengths to make sure your brakes work as good, or better than the factory intended. In addition to traditional brake service that other shops offer, we can also take it to the next level with our Pro-Cut on-the-vehicle rotor lathe. We have found that turning disc brake rotors while they are mounted on the vehicle is a much more accurate method, as the rotor is being turned on the axle it runs on. This eliminates “stacked tolerances” and run-out problems. Many technicians don’t realize that if you take a disc brake rotor off for any reason, it should go back the same way, on the same studs. On standard brake jobs, our technicians always mark the stud, and mark the rotor where it came off in order to avoid run out problems and vibration.

We can service air brake systems (including air drying components) disc or drum brakes and tow brakes and perform free brake fluid testing for most vehicles.


We offer a number of products designed to enhance the braking performance of your vehicle, including Pacbrake exhaust brakes, performance compound brake pads and disc brake rotors that we have engineered to our own exacting standards.

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