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Liberty Rider Slipper Springs

Robert Henderson of Henderson's Line Up and Bill Gehr, Technical Writer for Trailer Life and MotorHome Magazine take a ride in a fifth wheel trailer before and after the installation of the Liberty Rider Slipper Spring kit. 

Joy Rider Trailer Shock Kits

Excessive, uncontrolled suspension movement fatigues leaf springs and quickly wears out suspension components. Hopping tires and bouncing springs throw interior contents repeatedly, causing damage from rubbing, colliding, drawers slamming open and furniture walking into nearby walls. Over time the entire unit and its contents will have prematurely aged and require more and more maintenance.

Joy Rider's control of the trailer's tires improves braking traction, especially in a panic stop. Rear axle roll-up is reduced so all tires grip the road surface. 

Here in this video we show the before and after the installation of the Joy Rider shock kits.

Koni Shocks

John Henderson at SuperSteer and Henderson's Line-Up shares about Koni shocks. The Frequency Selective Dampener (FSD) has an extra valve that controls oil flow parallel to the piston assembly, which John talks about and shows you. Also discussed are Kon's adjustable shocks. Great for motorhomes and pickups.

More Koni Shocks

Koni FSD and Adjustable shocks are discussed by Koni's Jim Ryan. Great for motorhomes of all sizes and a favorite with pickup truck owners as well.

Why Use Koni Shocks?

That question is answered by Jim Ryan of Koni as he outlines the product features of Koni shocks.

Safe-T-Plus Solves the Death Wobble!

It's official: The Dodge Death Wobble Front-End Shimmy has been solved! Using the Road Performance Assessment, we diagnosed the problem and implemented the Safe-T-Plus solution including mounting bracket.

Air Tabs

Air tabs affect your aerodynamics to improve stability in windy conditions and when passing trucks by reducing resistance. Put them on your Trek or Chev P32 motorhome and on your pickups too!

Sumo Springs

Ken Perry of Henderson's Line-Up explains the product benefits of the Sumo Springs vs stock bump-stops. These "airless airbags" will help eliminate roll, sway, bounce, harsh ride and improve handling of your motorhome. They fit class "A", class "C", Chev, Ford, Workhorse and pickups.

Performance Friction

Would you like to have safer brakes and stop getting cracked rotors? In this short video, Robert Henderson of SuperSteer and Henderson's Line Up shows a little about Performance Friction brakes, pads and rotors for your Workhorse W-20 and W-22 chassis. This will definitely improve your ability to stop.

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