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Give Those Kids A Brake: Why October Is One Of The Best Months For Brake Repair

Even though the month of July is actually the annual National Brake Month, at Henderson’s Line-Up, we think October is the month you should be thinking about brake repair the most. We don’t really need to tell you how important your brakes are to your RV. We know you understand that you need stopping power with a vehicle as large and heavy as yours. So we’re offering you three specific reasons why you should get your brakes inspected in October.

For starters? Halloween is coming up, and kids will likely be out in great numbers trick-or-treating this year.  Short drives through your neighborhood can find kids running across your path. A large recreational vehicle needs stopping power to keep the kids in your community safe!

With the holiday season fast approaching, getting your brakes inspected in October means you can rest easy in the coming months that your RV will be safer to drive in cold weather driving conditions, such as icy roads and snow drifts. If a problem begins to present itself in late November, getting service for your brakes may be a bit more difficult for you to arrange than in October. With a quick inspection, you can know for sure.

Finally, kids are back at school, albeit to a lesser degree in this COVID climate. They are leaving the house more and more. An inspection of your brakes will help keep them safe in an emergency stop. 

Which brings us to another idea: what if your RV could help solve some of the safety issues we have right now with kids returning to schools and contaminating each other?

With many schools splitting their population in half to reduce the risk of contamination, one increasingly good option is to form pods. Facebook user J Li described the practice in a July 17th 2020 status update:

“These are clusters of 3-6 families with similar aged (and sometimes same-school) children co-quarantined with each other, who hire one tutor for in-person support for their kids.  Sometimes the tutor in question is full time and sometimes part time / outdoor classes, depending on the age of kids and individual circumstances.”

We think this is a great idea, and we’d like to point out how great it could be to lend out your RV as a pod classroom for road trips to a pod. 

First, your RV can be sanitized easier than a house or work space can. The interiors of an RV are meant to be wiped down and sterilized, whereas home furniture often isn’t as forgiving with chemical cleaners. 

Secondly, RVs give you the freedom to homeschool your kids, now that a lot of families are choosing independent study for their children.  With an RV, you can take kids to outdoor settings and let them learn out in nature at national parks and historic landmarks. 

If you have a pod active within your own family, you can turn a field trip into a family vacation-- exploring the country, giving your kids an education. If you join an RV association, you can have access to 1500 golf courses and wineries around the country and you can stay for free for one night in a nice place rather than a shopping center parking lot. The vineyards and golf courses are a great way to spend quality time with the family. 

Bring your RV in to Henderson’s Line-Up in Grants Pass this month for an inspection… stay ahead of troubles and consider giving those kids a ‘break’ of a working/learning holiday, if you can afford the time to adventure… to make an appointment, click on this embedded link, or call us directly. We’re located at 417 SW Henderson Lane, Grants Pass, OR 97527, and we’re open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


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