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How To Winterize and Maintain Your RV

How To Winterize and Maintain Your RV

It’s December, and for many of us living the RV lifestyle, you’re probably getting ready to park it for the Winter season. This begs the question:  How do you winterize and maintain your RV?  If you are new to owning a motor home or fifth wheel, there are many steps you need to take to winterize and maintain your vehicle so it’ll be in good shape by the time we reach Spring. Here is a shortlist of the items you need to take care of for proper storage maintenance:   You need to blow the lines out to get rid of all the water.  Drain the water out of the water heater. Get an annual inspection because water leaks can cause a lot of damage. Put antifreeze in there so your lines don’t freeze. Prep the exterior and make sure your roof is well sealed to prevent water leaks. If possible, store your camper inside in a climate-controlled building. Or, you should cover it with a tarp if outside.  Wherever you store it, make sure the area is ... read more



Things To Know Before Buying A Used Coach: Will It Be A Dream Or A Nightmare?

“Pay me now or pay me later” -- Mr. Goodwrench   I asked people, “If you were going to buy a house on the side of a mountain, would you want to know what the foundation was?”   Purchasing an R.V. can be likely the most expensive purchase you make outside of your house. Quite often I ask folks if they paid more money for their R.V. than their first house? Hands shoot up everywhere. So, I ask about the second house, the third house; again, hands go up. The point is made that purchasing an R.V. is a substantial investment.     I ask people “How many of you test drove your motorhome, pulled your 5th wheel or hauled your camper?” Maybe a quarter of the hands go up and that is a generous estimate! If they did drive or pull it, it was on a nice preselected route by the salesman. It was most likely not with truck passing, road construction, windy conditions, truck ruts and various bumps, bridge transitions, etc. these are rea ... read more



Worth the Weight

The weight of a motorhome, or perhaps more importantly, how it is distributed, is something a lot of RVers don’t think about. We know that motorhomes are large and heavy, and drive much differently from the passenger cars and trucks we’re more accustomed to.  But there’s more to consider. Virtually no two motorhomes built on the same chassis have the same weight distribution, and may be loaded differently. We see a lot of side to side discrepancies due to slide outs, washer/driers, generator placement, and other factors. I can recall many times weight ratios have been off. When we first got started at Henderson’s Line-Up, I remember working on a GM P32 chassis that drove great and the customer was happy. The next day, we worked on the same chassis for a well and pump service company, and it didn’t turn out so well. We wondered, why? Two of the exact same chassis, yet each had different results. We hate unmet expectations! And that’s when we rea ... read more

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