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How Technology Can Boost Motorhome Fuel Efficiency

How would you like to add 50 – 60 Horsepower or more to your rear wheels while INCREASING your MILEAGE by 1 – 3 MPG? Sound unlikely? Well listen closely… The air you breathe is a gas and when injected properly into your engine acts as a fuel. It needs to be mixed with standard fuel but when done with some of the new technology now available, it can make a big difference on fuel economy.

Your engine needs good airflow and when that is increased, it delivers a measurable boost of horsepower to your rear wheels. Who hasn’t wanted that while trying to cross the continental divide?

One of the ways you can get significant increase in performance and mileage is through something called, “UltraPower Performance Tuning”. On your 5.4L through 6.8L V10 Ford engines (including PowerStroke) this innovative engine tuning can increase mileage by 0.5 to 1.5 MPG, while adding up to 45 Horsepower and 50 ft. lbs. torque increase by itself! That’s huge!

On 4.3L through 8.1L GM engines (including 6.6L Duramax) you can look for 1 – 3 MPG, and an increase of 60 HP and 70 ft. lbs. torque increase! Not only can you save money because you of increased fuel mileage, but will never have to use premium gas again.

For many RV owners, an increase of 2 miles per gallon is a 33% increase in overall mileage. Couple that with being able to use regular gas instead of premium and you can save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of this high tech performance tuning.

To find out what can be done for your coach during the off season, give us a call. We will be glad to talk it over with you.


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