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How to Get Better Fuel Efficiency Without Spending More Money

In our last blog, we discussed how to improve gas mileage by improving airflow as it mixes with your fuel. This effect is accomplished through the “Ultra Power Performance Tuning” we offer that can increase mileage by 1 – 3 mpg, and some customers claim even more.

Gas Guage Today, I want to share a few things that are easily overlooked but can also improve mileage and they won’t cost you any money.

Air pressure in your tires: Under inflated tires increase friction and slow you down but according to the Energy Department, properly inflated tires can increase fuel efficiency by 3%. That may not seem like much but if you figure on $4 / gallon for gas, that’s like saving 12 cents per gallon every time you fill up. That’s better than a kick in the rear with a frozen boot in February!

Change your oil regularly: Oil is for lubrication. The reason we change it is because it gets dirty. The dirt causes friction and thus wears on your engine and causes fatigue. Keep your oil fresh and use high quality synthetic oil for best results. It is your engine that drives everything, so the less friction and better quality oil you use, the smoother and more efficient your engine runs.

Drawbridge Eliminate excessive idling: If you travel around waterways that utilize draw bridges, you can find yourself waiting 10 minutes or more for traffic flow to resume. Shut your engine down. Same is true if you get stuck waiting for that mile long train to pass in front of you. Whenever you are going to be stuck in one spot for more than a couple minutes, give your engine and your fuel consumption a break. Zero miles per gallon is as bad as it gets! And here’s a thought, when you are in rush traffic, it feels like you’re not moving but you really are. However your mileage may drop to 1 – 2 miles per gallon, so it is best to plan your trips to avoid big city rush hours.

In our next blog, we will take another look at how technology on a budget can add more miles to your gallon. Until then, we wish you safer, happier driving!


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