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Making A Functional Office for your RV

If you find yourself needing to work at the same time you are also taking your family on the road, you’ll know that the premium of space afforded by an RV will become even dearer when you try to add an office to it. 

Fortunately, some products can help you conserve space and organize your work effectively. Look at some of these products if you’re considering an upgrade to working at the dinner table.

  • Laptop - Apple or PC, if you’re going for long periods, a desktop computer makes little sense in an RV, as the CPU housing takes up space, it tends to draw more power and requires a monitor to view. Laptops make great sense. There are many great models to choose from, depending on if you want a touchscreen or a model that converts to a tablet. And some models even come with shock absorption for accidents and slips on your travels. For PC fans, we can recommend a Toughbook!
  • USB mouse and mouse pad - If space is a premium, get rid of cords when and where you can. If Bluetooth is too much of a pain, short-distance transmitter USB mice can do a great job.  The Logitech M510 is an excellent little mouse for average use and paired with a standard ergonomic mouse pad. You can trust the mouse to be where you left it when you get up.
  • Office Caddy - If you want a space to put all of your office items, such as a stapler, pens, and organizing supplies, consider the Uplift Mobile Storage Caddy. 
  • Laptop fan - These devices run off your USB ports and will help your laptop keep cool, as well as help keep it in position if the RV is lurching. We’ve found a model that is quiet, too, to cut down on the noise around you as you work.
  • Mounted stands - If you need to work standing, there are options for that where you can mount both your laptop and a mousepad!

These products are the ones we’d pick, but are not necessarily the best priced on the market. If you find a more useful product along the way, let us know at Henderson’s Line-Up!


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