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Space Saving Ideas to Have the Perfectly Organized RV

Are you ready to prep your RV for the season? When you begin moving into your RV and remember the clutter that got to you, it is time to think about what you can do differently this year. If you don't want to make the same organizational mistakes as last year, it is essential to start by sitting down to make an inventory list of items you have. Once you see what is in your RV, you can take a hard look at quantities. Pairing down is one of the best ways to create extra space. Do you really need 12 drinking cups on board?

Take a good look at your layout and decide on a home for everything. Creating a home spot for all things small and large will help you maintain organization, even things like your fly swatter, and your keys need a designated home spot.

Developing a routine is imperative to keeping things clean, organized, and in its place. Setting up a weekly deep cleaning and a light daily cleaning routine will keep your space feeling fresh, and everything will make its way back to its home spot, reducing clutter and giving you that feeling of zen.

Installing a free-standing drawer unit in a cupboard creates organization in a cabinet space, will maximize and utilize all the vertical space in there. When underway, use a bungee cord to secure the pullouts, or, if you have the extra money, spring for the RV version. Investing in a door-mounted RV trash can is a key space-saver. Storage bins are likely one of the most important organization items you will use in your cupboards. You can use dozens of these in your drawers and cabinets as well as in the outside storage compartments. 

Investing in stackable nesting mixing bowls, and dish cradles. It is worth the extra money to have the added real estate in your cupboards; it will save a ton of space in your RV. If you can find the perfect spot for a hanging basket for your fruits and veggies, that will also clear your countertops. If not, then mini hammocks for your fruits and vegetables can work too. If you have space to install pegboard to hang your pots and pans from, it will open up a LOT of storage space, and a roll-up sink rack is another key item to invest in.

A couple of nifty items that are awesome and efficient are a paper plate dispenser and a fold-out spice rack. These items will save you a TON of storage space and hassle. Other clever DIY ideas are screwing mason jar lids to your ceiling and storing items in the jar. Just tighten the lid, and your jar will hang from the ceiling! Wall-mounted magnetic strips are fantastic for knives & small jars of things you want to keep handy and can't sacrifice space in your cupboards. You can even modify your cutting board by adding magnets and tucking up under your cabinet! Small tension rods designed for curtains can be used vertically to store items efficiently.

Square storage canisters work well in an RV to maximize space in your cupboards. It is worth the investment to replace your round ones! In your fridge, a little lazy susan to hold your condiments is handy. It is easy to access everything in the back with a simple rotation. Finding divided organizers is a fantastic way to save space. You can even create your own with cardboard to save on costs.

Here are a few more nifty thrifty ideas for you. Use a magazine rack to store your canned goods. It will keep things from rolling around. Shower caddies make nice produce racks when hung on a hook. Install a paper towel holder for your garbage bag roll. Hang your baggie boxes on the inside of your cabinet doors with a thumbtack. Shoe organizers hung in your closet is an excellent way to store your towels.

We hope these space-saving ideas will help you this spring when sorting out your RV. Our team at Henderson’s Line-Up and Super Steer Parts can take care of what goes on under the hood. Your vehicle works extra hard during the warmer months and can use a little extra TLC. Make your appointment with Henderson’s Line-Up and Super Steer Parts today. See you soon!

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