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The Pros and Cons Of Towing A Dinghy Vehicle

Have you seen all the vehicles that are towed behind a motorhome as you’re rolling down the highway? For those of us living the #RVLifestyle, we call those dinghy vehicles or towed vehicles. 

There are many pros to towing a dinghy vehicle, but there are several cons as well. The team at Henderson’s Line-Up and SuperSteer wants to share some of these pros and cons of towing a dinghy vehicle so you can be fully aware of your towing options.


Pros to towing a dinghy vehicle

When you feel like taking a quick trip to the store or want to navigate a narrow road, having a towed vehicle is a great choice. You can just hop in and go!

Also, a towed vehicle allows you to drive through town without exposing your recreational vehicle. Not all small towns have streets wide enough that you can comfortably navigate your RV.

When you tow your own vehicle, you don’t have to worry about renting a car, calling a taxi, or hiring a Lyft driver.

In an emergency situation where you break down, you have a second vehicle to go get help or find parts.

Cons to towing a dinghy vehicle

When you tow a dinghy vehicle, the cost of fuel goes up because your RV will be pulling more weight and consuming more gas. 

Your whole rig, coach and car combined, will be heavier and harder to maneuver as well. If you are unaccustomed to towing a vehicle, you may need to practice first before you can drive confidently. Luckily, SuperSteer offers stabilizing components that reduce sway and lower the risk of accidents caused by the towed vehicle “wagging the dog”.

In order to tow a smaller personal vehicle behind your motorhome, you will need a towing rig that will properly fit and accommodate your coach and car combo. 

You will always need to know your RV’s pull limit so you can purchase the properly rated hitch setup. 

If you are planning a trip and you are unsure how to set up the towing configuration, we invite you to rely on our #RVLifestyle expertise. 

At Henderson’s Line-Up and SuperSteer, we are experts in RV repair and modifying your motor home or trailer to enhance driving safety. If you are looking to configure and install a dinghy vehicle towing system and would like recommendations, the team at Henderson's Line-Up in Grants Pass, Oregon, would love to help. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable trip. We are here to consult, offer an RV inspection, or take care of any repairs for you. We invite you to book an appointment with us today, and remember, Jesus loves you!

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