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What’s Stopping You?

BRAKES. Although going the distance is great–stopping in time with the tremendous amount of inertia from the weight of your coach in motion–often around 22,000 pounds at 55 miles an hour–is critical. So, what’s stopping you? Consider an upgrade from stock rotors and pads! Charles O’Rourke–featured in the attached video– wanted to upgrade his rotors and pads while he was replacing his calipers, as it was an opportune time.

“Henderson’s Line Up began using Performance Friction products in the early 90′s. With the recent brake recall, we wanted to offer our customers enhancement options to maximize their coach’s performance. We were delighted to find that Performance Friction offered a heavy duty, high performance disc-brake rotor to meet our customer’s needs,” said Robert Henderson, owner of Henderson’s Line-Up. “Superior cooling, heat dissipation and excellent metallurgy are all characteristics of the new Performance Friction rotor.

Chris Fiehweg of Performance Friction quotes, “One of the strong-points over our competition is that all our products are manufactured “in-house” and we control the quality. Many OE suppliers often outsource to other manufacturers. We believe we have a more consistent, reliable product. We control everything from the raw materials coming into our plant to the products leaving.

“Additionally,” says Chris, “Performance Friction is an engineering company that sells high quality products. Most companies put 12% into marketing, and we put 12% into Research and Development, which is a very high industry percentage. We test for noise, performance, and sheer strength, as well as longevity of our products. We want to see even friction distribution and heat dissipation on the pad and inspect all our materials to ensure this happens.”

“Brakes have always been an integral part of Henderson’s Line Up,” says Robert Henderson. “Not only is good handling important to us, but also braking–which is why it’s incorporated into our full name of ‘Henderson’s Line Up, Brake and RV, Inc.”

“At Henderson’s Line-Up and SuperSteer, we constantly strive to provide the best products and services for our customers. The following video was the result of much research and Charles’ quest for the best ride, handling, and braking for his motorhome. The brakes on Charles’ coach were subject to the recent brake recall. Yet instead of simply putting stock brake pads and rotors back on his coach, Charles opted to upgrade to PERFORMANCE FRICTION brake pads and rotors.

For those who demand the best brake system for their motorhome, Henderson’s Line Up and SuperSteer are proud to carry quality brake upgrade packages, including PERFORMANCE FRICTION and other types of braking solutions! PERFORMANCE FRICTION rotors are designed by those who know NASCAR brakes and performance braking, Their superior rotor design promotes cooling and helps eliminate cracked rotors. Watch and learn from Charles’ experience! Charles decided rather other than original equipment rotors and pads all the way around while changing the calipers, which were under warranty.”

“The pads and rotors will never be easier to change than when it’s all torn apart!” added Robert Henderson. “Best wishes for ‘safer and happier driving!” — Robert

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