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Why COVID Has Been Beneficial To The RV Industry

Did you know that there has been an unexpected silver lining in the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic? Some longtime RV Industry experts agree that surging demand is rapidly transforming and it has been beneficial to everyone who touches the RV Lifestyle.

Before COVID-19, RV sales remained steady, but the industry has certainly had its challenges. When gas prices are high, people tend to shy away from buying motor coaches. But when gas prices are lower, real estate prices are too high for most first-time buyers, and people are itching to travel more, RV sales show a steady incline.

Sales for all types of recreational vehicles have gone up across the United States. Many people who love to travel are uncomfortable flying on planes or cruising the high seas during the pandemic. But RV sales are going up for other reasons, too. For example, RV sales have gone up in Minneapolis, Minnesota because more people express a desire to leave the city to get away from riots and questionable urban locations. These first-time recreational vehicle owners say they prefer to move into the suburban and rural areas.

Other people are abandoning the idea of owning their homes. They prefer, instead, to treat their RV, coach, or camper as a tiny home and seek out travel to wide-open spaces. Full time RVing is a thing, especially since gas prices are low. An extra bonus about traveling with an RV is that in times of COVID-19 shutdowns when public restrooms are no longer open to the public, you are driving around the comfort of your own washroom facilities. It gives huge peace of mind to those of us with smaller bladders without need to leave your tiny, traveling home.

The RV Lifestyle is skyrocketing throughout 2020, and it’s amazing to see. Not only are RV sales increasing, but RV rentals have increased over 1000% since 2019! Here is a video about the renewed interest among Americans of all ages and demographics. If you are interested in living the RV Lifestyle, this video packs a lot of helpful information.


There are so many benefits to the RV Lifestyle. An RV allows you to live in a tiny home with lots of amenities, but you can still travel. It’s affordable living. People want to change their lives and their impact on the environment. With an RV, you can spend more time outdoors and enjoy nature. It truly is a wonderful benefit that has emerged during the global pandemic.

If you purchase a recreational vehicle that requires maintenance service, our team at Henderson’s Line-Up and Super Steer Parts can take care of what goes on under the hood. Your motorhome, trailer, and dingy vehicle work extra hard when you travel, and they can all use a little extra TLC. Make your appointment with Henderson’s Line-Up and Super Steer Parts today. See you soon!

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