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You Know You're Doing Something Right When...

We know how challenging it can be to drive your RV thousands of miles in wind, weather and road conditions that range from pleasant to horrific - even on the same day!

Recently we heard from one of our customers who was having difficulty keeping the coach on the road. It swayed a lot (sound familiar?) and wandered incessantly! We installed our SuperSteer trac bar, a custom sway bar built by Roadmaster to our specifications, a set of SUMO Springs and Safe-T-Plus steering control.

Here’s what our customer had to say…

I do business with a lot of people and companies. It is pretty rare that I am as happy as I was with what I got from you. I do want to tell you just how much at home we were made to feel by Don and all of your guys.

We got into town late in the evening, and were concerned that just “setting up house” outside your shop might look a little funny, but we settled in and enjoyed a good evening’s rest. The next morning, Don got us in and got the work under way the very first thing.

Eric and Adam were really good about keeping me informed on what they were finding and their progress, and did a great job on everything that we had requested. Even our little traveling dog was welcome and happy to be around your shop! And compare notes with some of your other very satisfied customers.

On our second day there, all of the various service that we had scheduled was completed, and we were able to get back on the road for the remainder of our road trip.

Our trip home…

By the time we returned home, I had driven almost another 4000 miles since leaving your business. Let me tell you, those miles were the best I have driven in our rig. All of the suspension work that you recommended for us has been absolutely the best investment we could have made, as the RV drives like a completely different vehicle.

There was a day coming down from Canmore AB, into the US, when the weather for the whole day was 50 to 60 mph crosswinds. While that was still terrifying driving, I cannot imagine how bad it would have been prior to all of the upgrades. I was saying good things about Henderson’s the whole way!

Fuel economy increase…

One of the things that we had done at your shop was to have the performance tuning done to our engine along with having the tuned exhaust system added. I cannot brag enough about the improvement in performance we realized with just this single upgrade!

On the trip out to California, I had to do a lot of mountain driving through Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California. I felt like the engine was struggling a lot just to get up the mountains, and found myself being the “slow moving vehicle” many times. I was only getting about 6 miles per gallon in the mountains and about 8 mpg on the flats.

After the tuning, I could easily climb hills at 65 mph, and my mileage went up to about 8 mpg in the mountains, and between 10 - 11 mpg on the open highway! 2 mpg may not seem like much, but it was almost 20%, and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the improvement.

Back at our dealership…

To illustrate to you just how significant the difference is after Henderson-izing my RV, I have a little story for you. On our return from our trip, I had to take the RV in to our dealership to get the oil changed and to have the slide-topper replaced. Just for grins, I had our salesman take it out for a test drive.

His reactions were worth the price of admission! He first noticed the difference in sound of the engine: “That sounds meaner!” Then I had him really step on it to enter the highway (I-70), “Holy cow, it is still accelerating, even going up hill!” Then he said, “This isn’t normal, even new ones don’t drive like this.”

And when we went around some pretty bumpy curves, he said “you won’t believe it when I say this, but it drives more like riding a motorcycle.” When I told him about the Safety Plus and all the suspension upgrades, even he said, “You really got your money’s worth! I won’t be able to sell you a new vehicle now.”

In conclusion…

To say that Jayne and I are happy with the outcome of your service would be a severe understatement. Your Road Performance Assessment revealed exactly what we needed, and we feel like we have gone from a run-of-the-mill used coach, to an RV that drives like a dream, all at a very reasonable cost to us.

The experience of dealing with you AND your incredible shop team has been exceptional, just first rate. I mean this sincerely; you have a world-class team who provide GREAT service. I will be a very vocal supporter of yours for a long time to come.

The values shown by you and your team are just one of many reasons to patronize Henderson’s Line-up. I only regret that there really is nothing more that you can do for us!

We do hope that we can cross your path again. We wish you and your whole crew nothing but the very best, and may the greatest success come to you, as you have earned it!

Sincerely yours,

Bill and Jayne Barstow

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