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SuperSteer Fabrication Review

SUPERSTEER, YOU PEOPLE DID AN EXCELLENT JOB DESIGNING AND BUILDING THE TRAC BAR FOR MY FORD E450. IT FIT PERFECTLY AND THE WORKMANSHIP WAS FLAWLESS. GIVE THE DESIGNER AND THE GUYS IN THE SHOP A PAT ON THE BACK FOR ME! – KENT WILLIAMS Hesperia, CA KENT ADDED: I have a 2006 Lazy Daze Class “C” motorhome. I use it to pull an ’06 Jeep Wrangler and had terrible problems with the rear end of the coach wondering, especially when the Jeep was attached. The trac bar definitely keeps the back end of the motorhome from moving around like it did. Thank you

Geocaching FUN for the 50th!

In celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Henderson’s Line Up, we’ve come up with some “hi-tech” fun incentives to benefit RV owners – GEOCACHING! If you’re new to Geocaching — its like hi-tech treasure hunting. Many RVers are adding this activity to their travel fun. Simply use a GPS and register at the Geocaching website, grab some cache coordinates and away you go! We have RV travel bugs distributed around the United States that want to make it “home” to Henderson’s Line Up. Anyone who brings a travel bug “home” to Henderson’s Line Up will receive a prize in return! Sound like fun? We thought so. And the prizes are good, too! There is a “RV BUG HOTEL” located on the property of Henderson’s Line Up in Grants Pass, Oregon and we’ve enjoyed the visits from many. We look forward to a busy summer of RV travelers visiting this cache

Customer Review after RPA and RV improvements

Dear Friends, Sue and I want to thank you for the great work you did on our motorhome (Allegro Tiffen — Workhorse Chassis) . On the drive back to Crescent City, it was hard to imagine that we were in our own rig. The difference in the ride and handling was very noticeable. I have told people that if you can drive on Highway 199 between Crescent City and Grants Pass, you can drive anywhere in the country. It was raining on our way home and we were able to get home faster and with a greater level of safety that any of our trips across that road in the past. Please tell all of the people that worked on the rig thank you for us. We were treated well and are grateful for all the hard work you did. I have told everyone who will listen about your great work and my new Motorhome. We also want to thank you for the love that you have for the Lord. It is so comforting to know that our well-being wa ... read more

SuperSteer Products: Consumer Review

SuperSteer Products Dear John, I had the opportunity to take our motorhome on a couple of trips since the installation of the parts (Koni shocks, front and rear trac bars, front and rear sway bars and the steering stabilizer) we purchased from you. It really is amazing the difference in the ride and handling of the vehicle. Prior to the installation of your products, I was seriously considering trading in my coach. Although I purchased it new last year … the ride and handling of the vehicle was poor at best. I suppose I am probably not the best candidate, as I come from a background of racing off road motorcycles, where suspension and handling can literally be the difference between life and death. I have a very high standard and I am happy to say that your products have transformed my coach. Additionally, the parts were very easy to install and the project went very smoo ... read more

SuperSteer Rear Sway Bar INSTALL by Tommy Henderson

Want some tips on how to install a rear sway bar? Let Tommy Henderson help you! Watch the following video and you’ll gain a few pointers to help ease the installation process. SuperSteer Anti Sway Bar Install

Couple endure front tire blowout & share their story.

What would happen to your coach in the event of a front tire blowout? This couple installed a Safety Plus + Trim unit…and, after enduring what could have been a tragic accident, share their story. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Thomas Edison

SS401 Rear Trac Bar Installation video posted!

Gain a few pointers (and help ease your own installation project!) by watching John Henderson install the SS401 Rear Trac Bar. SuperSteer’s Rear Trac bars help eliminate side play, tail wag, oversteering, push from trucks passing, road wonder, delayed steering response, and sway. SuperSteer has an array of Rear Trac bars for various motorhome chassis’. The SS401 works for the Ford F53 chassis. NOTE: The actual installation process of the SS401 is quite similar to that of the SS302, the SS501 and the SS519 rear trac bars

SuperSteer coming to San Jose for RPA®’s at Leale’s RV and Truck Center!

Do you live in or near San Jose, CA and want a Road Performance Assessment® (RPA®)? Sign up TODAY to schedule a Road Performance Assessment®! The RPA®’s will take place on the 28th, 29th and 30th of March at Leale’s RV and Truck Center in San Jose, CA. NOTE: If you KNOW you want something installed and want to save on freight, call Leale’s RV at (408) 286-5353 today, or SuperSteer at (888) 898-3281! We’ll have the product waiting for you, and we’ll cover the freight! Robert Henderson of SuperSteer and Jim at Leale’s RV and Truck Center are working together to bring you the ... read more

RPA’s after Perry, GA FMCA rally at Apalachee RV Center!

Sign up TODAY to schedule a Road Performance Assessment® (RPA®)! The RPA®’s will take place from the 21st to 23rd of March at Apalachee RV Center in Auburn, Georgia–just after the Perry, Georgia FMCA Rally. Robert Henderson of SuperSteer and Dave of Apalachee RV (and his team of technicians!) are working together to bring you the RPA®–a thorough analysis of your steering and suspension “for safer and happier driving.” Call Apalachee RV Center at (770) 868-0999 to schedule an appointment. Also, stop by the SuperSteer booth at the Perry, GA FMCA Rally and receive a $50 discount flier for your RPA ... read more

Bell Cranks and Bell Crank/Idler Arms

There are several different components that contribute to good steering in your coach. There’s the steering wheel, coupler, two-three universal couplings, steering gear, sector shaft splines, the pitman arm, drag link, bell crank, tie rod ends and the tie rod end sleeves. But one part that is often overlooked is the bell crank arm itself, also known as an idler arm. The bell crank/idler arm attaches to the bottom of the bell crank and to the steering center link on Chevrolet/Workhorse P32 motorhome chassis. All of the pressure from the steering gear box is transmitt ... read more

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